DOF/230201 2237Z




Pilots 38
Aircraft in fleet 48
Routes 222
Total hours: 16440:12
Flights total 9820
Flights Regular 2095
Flights Charter 7725
% Flights Regular 27.12 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalAircraft TypeDateTouch (ft/min)Flight RatingDetails
MVA1089Copilot Costa  LPOV  LPMR C3372023-01-29-40 ft/min95%
MVA1089Copilot Costa  LPVZ  LPOV C3372023-01-29-27 ft/min95%
MVA1089Copilot Costa  LPVR  LPVZ C 3372023-01-29-358 ft/min90%
MVA1984Senior Pilot Esperanza  EDGH  EDNV C1722023-01-29-1 ft/min95%
MVA1984Senior Pilot Esperanza  EDGH  EDGH C1722023-01-28-311 ft/min80%
MVA1414Captain Castro  LPPT  LPHR A320-2142023-01-26-490 ft/min90%
MVA1097Palhurso Jesus  TAPA  TNCM 2023-01-23-222 ft/min100%
MVA1045Captain Martins  LPPT  LPPR 2023-01-22-181 ft/min95%
MVA1097Palhurso Jesus  LFOB  LIMF 2023-01-228 ft/min100%
MVA1089Copilot Costa  TTCP  SVMP C295M2023-01-15-684 ft/min55%

Average ratings last 30 days

CallsignPilotFlight Rating
MVA1028Copilot Trindade100.0%
MVA1097Palhurso Jesus100.0%
MVA2351Flight Instructor Tomé98.3%
MVA1023Senior Captain França 96.0%
MVA1045Captain Martins95.0%
MVA1414Captain Castro90.0%
MVA1089Copilot Costa89.2%
MVA1984Senior Pilot Esperanza87.5%

Flights per pilot last 30 days

Callsign Pilot Total flights
MVA1089Copilot Costa6
MVA1023Senior Captain França 5
MVA2351Flight Instructor Tomé3
MVA1097Palhurso Jesus2
MVA1045Captain Martins2
MVA1984Senior Pilot Esperanza2
MVA1414Captain Castro1
MVA1028Copilot Trindade1

Best landings last 30 days

Callsign Pilot Touch (ft/min)
MVA1984Senior Pilot Esperanza-1 ft/min
MVA2351Flight Instructor Tomé-9 ft/min
MVA1089Copilot Costa-27 ft/min
MVA1023Senior Captain França -75 ft/min
MVA1045Captain Martins-110 ft/min
MVA1028Copilot Trindade-130 ft/min
MVA1097Palhurso Jesus-222 ft/min
MVA1414Captain Castro-490 ft/min


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