DOF/200410 0554Z




Pilots 105
Aircraft in fleet 47
Routes 175
Total hours: 11137:33
Flights total 6604
Flights Regular 1577
Flights Charter 5027
% Flights Regular 31.37 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalAircraft TypeDateTouch (ft/min)Flight RatingDetails
MVA1023Captain França   LPPT  LPPR B7382020-04-09-112 ft/min90%
MVA3349Pilot Ferreira  LPPT  LPFR 2020-04-09-208 ft/min100%
MVA1045Senior Pilot Martins  LPPT  LPFR 2020-04-09-107 ft/min90%
MVA1001Copilot Da Silva   GCFV  LPPT B7382020-04-09-434 ft/min90%
MVA1045Senior Pilot Martins  LPFR  LPPT 2020-04-09-126 ft/min95%
MVA186Senior Pilot Sá Pessoa  LPCS  LPCS C1522020-04-09-82 ft/min80%
MVA1023Captain França   LPFR  LPPT C1722020-04-09-30 ft/min90%
MVA1414Senior Pilot Castro  LPPD  LPPI DH8B2020-04-09-231 ft/min100%
MVA1001Copilot Da Silva   LPPT  GCFV B7382020-04-09-66 ft/min100%
MVA1054Student Pereira  LPPT  LPPD A3192020-04-09-145 ft/min95%

Average ratings last 30 days

CallsignPilotFlight Rating
MVA2351Flight Instructor Tomé99.0%
MVA069Copilot Letras98.8%
MVA1414Senior Pilot Castro98.7%
MVA1001Copilot Da Silva 98.7%
MVA1205Crew Brum98.6%
MVA7916Pilot Lima97.7%
MVA254CCaptain Costa97.5%
MVA1984Senior Pilot Esperanza96.7%
MVA1408Flight Instructor Turbinex96.1%
MVA3349Pilot Ferreira95.0%

Flights per pilot last 30 days

Callsign Pilot Total flights
MVA2351Flight Instructor Tomé91
MVA1023Captain França 59
MVA1414Senior Pilot Castro39
MVA186Senior Pilot Sá Pessoa38
MVA2069Copilot Poustovgar31
MVA1045Senior Pilot Martins29
MVA1054Student Pereira25
MVA1001Copilot Da Silva 15
MVA1408Flight Instructor Turbinex14
MVA3349Pilot Ferreira13

Best landings last 30 days

Callsign Pilot Touch (ft/min)
MVA1984Senior Pilot Esperanza-2 ft/min
MVA1023Captain França -5 ft/min
MVA1061Tribufu Machado-11 ft/min
MVA186Senior Pilot Sá Pessoa-22 ft/min
MVA2351Flight Instructor Tomé-27 ft/min
MVA3349Pilot Ferreira-32 ft/min
MVA1028Crew Trindade-34 ft/min
MVA1414Senior Pilot Castro-54 ft/min
MVA1205Crew Brum-62 ft/min
MVA1045Senior Pilot Martins-63 ft/min


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