DOF/240524 1917Z


TourStart dateEnd dateNum. LegsDistanceInfo
MVA VFR Tour2019-01-012040-12-315425
MVA IFR Europe Tour 20242024-01-122040-01-01206603
MVA Azores Tour2020-03-232040-12-3191145
MVA Kriolo Tour2020-09-212040-12-316300
MVA Canary Islands Tour2020-08-142040-12-317334
MVA World Tour (African Sector)2020-10-022040-10-021810964
MVA VFR French Polynesia Tour2021-08-112040-08-118511
MVA Hollywood Tour2020-11-102040-11-109257
MVA Samba Tour2021-08-032040-08-31146384
MVA Gago Coutinho & Sacadura Cabral Tour2021-08-062040-08-0674244

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