DOF/240524 1856Z




Pilots 28
Aircraft in fleet 48
Routes 222
Total hours: 16678:20
Flights total 10380
Flights Regular 2141
Flights Charter 8239
% Flights Regular 25.99 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalAircraft TypeDateTouch (ft/min)Flight RatingDetails
MVA1097Crew Jesus  LPPT  GCTS B757-2002024-05-2015 ft/min100%
MVA1097Crew Jesus  LEMG  GCLP B757-2002024-05-18-128 ft/min100%
MVA1097Crew Jesus  GCRR  LEMG B757-2002024-05-17-95 ft/min100%
MVA1097Crew Jesus  LPPT  GCTS B737-7002024-05-16-108 ft/min100%
MVA1097Crew Jesus  LPPR  LPPT B737-7002024-05-15-105 ft/min95%
MVA1097Crew Jesus  LPPT  LPPR B737-7002024-05-08-153 ft/min95%
MVA1023Flight Instructor França   ENTC  LPPT B7382024-04-18-221 ft/min100%
MVA1023Flight Instructor França   UKBB  ENTC B7382024-04-16-203 ft/min100%
MVA1023Flight Instructor França   EPWA  UKBB B7382024-04-13-180 ft/min100%
MVA1045Captain Martins  LFKJ  LEPA 2024-04-08-181 ft/min100%

Average ratings last 30 days

CallsignPilotFlight Rating
MVA1097Crew Jesus98.3%

Flights per pilot last 30 days

Callsign Pilot Total flights
MVA1097Crew Jesus6

Best landings last 30 days

Callsign Pilot Touch (ft/min)
MVA1097Crew Jesus-95 ft/min


We fly preferably on the following network(s)

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