DOF/220927 2004Z




Pilots 36
Aircraft in fleet 47
Routes 221
Total hours: 16301:53
Flights total 9744
Flights Regular 2079
Flights Charter 7665
% Flights Regular 27.12 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalAircraft TypeDateTouch (ft/min)Flight RatingDetails
MVA1045Captain Martins  LPFR  LPPT 2022-09-25-361 ft/min95%
MVA1045Captain Martins  LPPR  LPFR 2022-09-25-267 ft/min100%
MVA1028Copilot Trindade  ELLX  LPPT 2022-09-24-151 ft/min95%
MVA1045Captain Martins  LXGB  LPPT 2022-09-23-164 ft/min100%
MVA1045Captain Martins  LPPT  LXGB 2022-09-23-1,029 ft/min50%
MVA1045Captain Martins  LPPT  LPPR C7502022-09-22-161 ft/min75%
MVA1045Captain Martins  LPMA  LPPT 2022-09-18-175 ft/min100%
MVA1045Captain Martins  LPPT  LPMA 2022-09-15-937 ft/min60%
MVA1097Palhurso Jesus  EIDW  EGPH 2022-09-12-82 ft/min95%
MVA1089Tribufu Costa  LKPR  EYSA C295M2022-09-11-143 ft/min100%

Average ratings last 30 days

CallsignPilotFlight Rating
MVA1089Tribufu Costa97.5%
MVA2351Flight Instructor Tomé97.0%
MVA236Senior Copilot Gouveia95.8%
MVA1097Palhurso Jesus95.0%
MVA1414Captain Castro95.0%
MVA1028Copilot Trindade95.0%
MVA1115Tribufu Chelinho95.0%
MVA1045Captain Martins83.8%

Flights per pilot last 30 days

Callsign Pilot Total flights
MVA2351Flight Instructor Tomé15
MVA1045Captain Martins8
MVA236Senior Copilot Gouveia4
MVA1089Tribufu Costa2
MVA1115Tribufu Chelinho1
MVA1414Captain Castro1
MVA1097Palhurso Jesus1
MVA1028Copilot Trindade1

Best landings last 30 days

Callsign Pilot Touch (ft/min)
MVA2351Flight Instructor Tomé-11 ft/min
MVA1097Palhurso Jesus-82 ft/min
MVA1089Tribufu Costa-143 ft/min
MVA1028Copilot Trindade-151 ft/min
MVA1045Captain Martins-161 ft/min
MVA236Senior Copilot Gouveia-215 ft/min
MVA1414Captain Castro-358 ft/min
MVA1115Tribufu Chelinho-367 ft/min


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