DOF/210801 0009Z

Flying rats

CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalFlight stageAircraft type% CompletedPending NM




Pilots 39
Aircraft in fleet 49
Routes 194
Total hours: 15779:00
Flights total 9167
Flights Regular 2042
Flights Charter 7125
% Flights Regular 28.66 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalAircraft TypeDateTouch (ft/min)Flight RatingDetails
MVA1044Flight Instructor Justo  LPPT  SBGL A3332021-07-31-174 ft/min100%
MVA7916Senior Pilot Lima  LPMA  LPPT A21N2021-07-31-280 ft/min100%
MVA110BPilot Nunes  LPPT  LPPS A21N2021-07-31-175 ft/min95%
MVA1089Tribufu Costa  VGSY  VNKT C295M2021-07-31-87 ft/min100%
MVA110BPilot Nunes  LPPT  KSFO A3322021-07-31-78 ft/min95%
MVA1984Senior Pilot Esperanza  SBRJ  SBSP A20N2021-07-31-143 ft/min100%
MVA069Senior Pilot Letras   SBRJ  SBSP A20N2021-07-31-128 ft/min100%
MVA1045Captain Martins  SBRJ  SBSP 2021-07-30-152 ft/min100%
MVA1414Captain Castro  SBRJ  SBSP A321N2021-07-30-134 ft/min95%
MVA1044Flight Instructor Justo  LPPT  SBGL A3332021-07-30-19 ft/min100%

Average ratings last 30 days

CallsignPilotFlight Rating
MVA1097Palhurso Jesus100.0%
MVA1023Senior Captain França 100.0%
MVA7916Senior Pilot Lima100.0%
MVA1109Crew Madureira100.0%
MVA1103Senior Pilot Colder97.5%
MVA1414Captain Castro97.0%
MVA110BPilot Nunes96.6%
MVA1089Tribufu Costa95.0%
MVA1044Flight Instructor Justo94.7%
MVA1045Captain Martins92.5%

Flights per pilot last 30 days

Callsign Pilot Total flights
MVA1044Flight Instructor Justo58
MVA110BPilot Nunes11
MVA069Senior Pilot Letras 10
MVA1089Tribufu Costa7
MVA7916Senior Pilot Lima7
MVA1984Senior Pilot Esperanza7
MVA1045Captain Martins6
MVA1028Copilot Trindade5
MVA1414Captain Castro5
MVA1103Senior Pilot Colder4

Best landings last 30 days

Callsign Pilot Touch (ft/min)
MVA1044Flight Instructor Justo-16 ft/min
MVA110BPilot Nunes-43 ft/min
MVA7916Senior Pilot Lima-73 ft/min
MVA069Senior Pilot Letras -86 ft/min
MVA1089Tribufu Costa-87 ft/min
MVA1097Palhurso Jesus-90 ft/min
MVA3349Senior Pilot Ferreira-121 ft/min
MVA1023Senior Captain França -125 ft/min
MVA1045Captain Martins-128 ft/min
MVA1414Captain Castro-134 ft/min


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