DOF/201125 1303Z

 Hall of Fame

Year Month Callsign Pilot Touch (ft/min)
202011MVA1023João Guilherme França - 2 ft/min, LPPI
202010MVA1023João Guilherme França - 4 ft/min, LPPT
20209MVA1023João Guilherme França - 2 ft/min, LPPR
20208MVA1023João Guilherme França - 1 ft/min, LPMA
20207MVA1103Julian Colder- 12 ft/min, LPPD
20206MVA1063Miguel Silva- 4 ft/min, LPPD
20205MVA2351Kevin Tomé- 5 ft/min, LPMA
20204MVA2351Kevin Tomé- 2 ft/min, LPMA
20203MVA1023João Guilherme França - 5 ft/min, LPPT
20202MVA2351Kevin Tomé- 5 ft/min, PAOM
20201MVA254CLeo Costa- 5 ft/min, TNCM
201912MVA2351Kevin Tomé- 2 ft/min, DIAP
201912MVA2351Kevin Tomé- 2 ft/min, DGAA
201911MVA1205Calvino Brum- 2 ft/min, LPPI
201910MVA2351Kevin Tomé- 3 ft/min, LPFL
201910MVA2351Kevin Tomé- 3 ft/min, UKHH
20199MVA2069Denis Poustovgar- 2 ft/min, LPLA
20199MVA2351Kevin Tomé- 2 ft/min, LPLA
20198MVA2351Kevin Tomé- 1 ft/min, LPPI
20198MVA1023João Guilherme França - 1 ft/min, LPFR
20197MVA1044Ricardo Justo- 2 ft/min, LXGB
20197MVA1984Bruno Esperanza- 2 ft/min, LPCS
20197MVA254CLeo Costa- 2 ft/min, LPBG
20196MVA1414Lucas Castro- 15 ft/min, LPPD
20195MVA1023João Guilherme França - 2 ft/min, EDDF
20194MVA1907Filipe Sousa- 21 ft/min, LFCD
20193MVA2351Kevin Tomé- 1 ft/min, LPPI
20192MVA254CLeo Costa- 2 ft/min, LPPI
20191MVA1984Bruno Esperanza- 3 ft/min, LPPT
201812MVA186Ricardo Cabanach Sá Pessoa- 2 ft/min, GMFF
201811MVA186Ricardo Cabanach Sá Pessoa- 4 ft/min, LPPR
201810MVA1984Bruno Esperanza- 10 ft/min, LPPT
20189MVA2351Kevin Tomé- 6 ft/min, LPFR
20188MVA2351Kevin Tomé- 1 ft/min, LPPI
20187MVA1984Bruno Esperanza- 16 ft/min, YPJT
20186MVA1907Filipe Sousa- 20 ft/min, YWYM
20185MVA069Rafael Letras- 15 ft/min, LPPT
20184MVA1045Fábio Martins- 14 ft/min, KLAX

 Hall of Shame

Year Month Callsign Pilot Touch (ft/min)
202011MVA1044Ricardo Justo- 2,954 ft/min, LPAZ
202010MVA1044Ricardo Justo- 1,193 ft/min, LPFL
20209MVA236Luís Gouveia- 7,150 ft/min, LPFR
20208MVA1414Lucas Castro- 4,124 ft/min, LEBL
20207MVA236Luís Gouveia- 1,661 ft/min, LPFL
20206MVA236Luís Gouveia- 1,501 ft/min, LEBL
20205MVA236Luís Gouveia- 2,719 ft/min, LPPT
20204MVA1091André Caldeira- 1,074 ft/min, GCXO
20203MVA1074Bruno Santos - 1,597 ft/min, EGLL
20202MVA236Luís Gouveia- 487 ft/min, LPMA
20201MVA1044Ricardo Justo- 4,345 ft/min, LEMD
201912MVA2351Kevin Tomé- 838 ft/min, FMMI
201911MVA1044Ricardo Justo- 1,089 ft/min, LPPT
201910MVA1023João Guilherme França - 1,351 ft/min, KLAX
20198MVA254CLeo Costa- 862 ft/min, LGSK
20197MVA236Luís Gouveia- 1,099 ft/min, LPPM
20196MVA1044Ricardo Justo- 2,341 ft/min, LIMC
20195MVA1061Gustavo Machado- 19,074 ft/min, LPPT
20194MVA1907Filipe Sousa- 1,024 ft/min, LFBD
20193MVA1907Filipe Sousa- 5,120 ft/min, VNLK
20192MVA1044Ricardo Justo- 1,652 ft/min, LTBA
20191MVA1045Fábio Martins- 2,575 ft/min, MMZC
201812MVA1023João Guilherme França - 746 ft/min, LPFR
201811MVA186Ricardo Cabanach Sá Pessoa- 1,307 ft/min, LPPI
201810MVA1033Tiago Silva- 1,080 ft/min, LPBR
20189MVA015Fábio Contente- 983 ft/min, LPPR
20188MVA3349Paulo Ferreira- 966 ft/min, LPPT
20187MVA777Fausto Pinto- 1,090 ft/min, LPPT
20186MVA1414Lucas Castro- 1,559 ft/min, GCLP
20185MVA777Fausto Pinto- 1,157 ft/min, LPPS
20184MVA777Fausto Pinto- 850 ft/min, LPJF

 Pilot with more hours

Year Month Callsign Pilot Total hours
202011MVA1103Julian Colder55 hrs
202010MVA1044Ricardo Justo81 hrs
20209MVA1103Julian Colder48 hrs
20208MVA1103Julian Colder52 hrs
20207MVA1103Julian Colder66 hrs
20206MVA186Ricardo Cabanach Sá Pessoa78 hrs
20205MVA2351Kevin Tomé169 hrs
20204MVA2351Kevin Tomé181 hrs
20203MVA2351Kevin Tomé217 hrs
20202MVA2351Kevin Tomé189 hrs
20201MVA2351Kevin Tomé152 hrs
201912MVA2351Kevin Tomé219 hrs
201911MVA1044Ricardo Justo103 hrs
201910MVA2351Kevin Tomé150 hrs
20199MVA1044Ricardo Justo193 hrs
20198MVA1044Ricardo Justo261 hrs
20197MVA1044Ricardo Justo166 hrs
20196MVA1044Ricardo Justo164 hrs
20195MVA2351Kevin Tomé95 hrs
20194MVA1408Silnara Turbinex113 hrs
20193MVA1408Silnara Turbinex94 hrs
20192MVA1408Silnara Turbinex109 hrs
20191MVA1408Silnara Turbinex110 hrs
201812MVA2351Kevin Tomé121 hrs
201811MVA2351Kevin Tomé144 hrs
201810MVA2351Kevin Tomé146 hrs
20189MVA2351Kevin Tomé82 hrs
20188MVA2351Kevin Tomé42 hrs
20187MVA1408Silnara Turbinex57 hrs
20186MVA1408Silnara Turbinex36 hrs
20185MVA1408Silnara Turbinex63 hrs
20184MVA1928Mickey Sardines47 hrs
00MVA1044Ricardo Justo0 hrs

 Pilot with more flights

Year Month Callsign Pilot Total flights
202011MVA1044Ricardo Justo40
202010MVA1044Ricardo Justo51
20209MVA1984Bruno Esperanza28
20208MVA1408Silnara Turbinex23
20207MVA236Luís Gouveia22
20206MVA186Ricardo Cabanach Sá Pessoa30
20205MVA2351Kevin Tomé123
20204MVA2351Kevin Tomé89
20203MVA2351Kevin Tomé87
20202MVA2351Kevin Tomé71
20201MVA2351Kevin Tomé93
201912MVA2351Kevin Tomé94
201911MVA2351Kevin Tomé30
201910MVA2351Kevin Tomé100
20199MVA254CLeo Costa50
20198MVA2351Kevin Tomé169
20197MVA1044Ricardo Justo59
20196MVA1044Ricardo Justo43
20195MVA2351Kevin Tomé43
20194MVA1408Silnara Turbinex52
20193MVA1408Silnara Turbinex49
20192MVA1408Silnara Turbinex54
20191MVA1408Silnara Turbinex55
201812MVA2351Kevin Tomé53
201811MVA2351Kevin Tomé65
201810MVA2351Kevin Tomé65
20189MVA2351Kevin Tomé86
20188MVA2351Kevin Tomé90
20187MVA1414Lucas Castro38
20186MVA1414Lucas Castro32
20185MVA1408Silnara Turbinex31
20184MVA777Fausto Pinto14
00MVA1044Ricardo Justo1

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