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House Rules

Privacy Policy (lol)

What kind of personal data do you keep of myself?

MVA keeps only the data you choose to provide when you sign up, plus your email address. In fact, it's convenient that your email address is valid, otherwise it might be difficult for you to validate your account and receive Pireps, but everything else you provide can be completely made up. Really. We don't care about your name or who you are. The data we keep is your first name, last name, city, country, IVAO number, VATSIM number and date of birth. When you register with MVA you're automatically agreeing that the data you provide is kept in our database, either real or fictional.

Where do you keep my personal data?

In a database. Surprise surprise!! It's hosted in a host called "". We have no idea if it's safe or not, but we hope so.

What if I get tired of this shit?

If you get tired of this shit, all you have to do is edit your profile and delete everything you want. Since this is the only personal data we keep from you, we automatically will have no idea who you are. If you still want to delete your entry from our database, send us an email to and we can delete your entry and id.

How can I check which personal data you keep of me?

We only keep what you can see in your profile. We promise we don't keep anything else. Scout's honor.

Do you share my personal data with third parties?

We love parties. First, second, and third parties. We would love to share your data with third parties, especially if we could sell it. If you know of a buyer to your data, let us know. No but seriously, we'll never share any data with anyone.

I have something else to ask.

Ok, send us an email at Don't hold your breath.


Other rules:

1) Have fun.

2) Enjoy yourself.

3) Be nice.

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