DOF/200410 0440Z

 10 landings this month using housewife slippers (ordered by most lucky pilot)

Callsign Pilot Plane Type Touch (ft/min) Arrival Date
MVA1984Bruno EsperanzaC172- 2 ft/min LPCS2020-04-04 13:09:01
MVA1061Gustavo MachadoA321- 11 ft/min LPPT2020-04-03 18:05:22
MVA1023João Guilherme França B738- 23 ft/min LPPR2020-04-06 12:29:23
MVA1023João Guilherme França C172- 30 ft/min LPPT2020-04-09 22:00:21
MVA1023João Guilherme França B738- 31 ft/min LPFR2020-04-08 04:40:34
MVA1023João Guilherme França B738- 34 ft/min LPPT2020-04-02 17:17:51
MVA2351Kevin ToméQ400- 50 ft/min LPPD2020-04-01 18:27:43
MVA3349Paulo Ferreira- 52 ft/min LPPT2020-04-06 20:45:03
MVA1023João Guilherme França B738- 52 ft/min LPFR2020-04-07 02:39:20
MVA1414Lucas CastroDH8B- 54 ft/min ENHV2020-04-05 23:21:52

 10 landings usind a big male sledgehammer this month (great mother of christ)

Callsign Pilot Plane Type Touch (ft/min) Arrival Date
MVA1091André CaldeiraA320- 1,074 ft/min GCXO2020-04-01 12:18:56
MVA1091André CaldeiraA320- 700 ft/min LPMA2020-04-01 00:34:55
MVA1091André Caldeira- 444 ft/min LPPT2020-04-03 11:55:36
MVA1091André CaldeiraA320- 439 ft/min SBBR2020-04-06 12:01:27
MVA1001Diogo Da Silva B738- 434 ft/min LPPT2020-04-09 23:32:54
MVA1045Fábio MartinsB738- 418 ft/min LPPT2020-04-07 12:09:27
MVA2069Denis Poustovgar- 408 ft/min LPPD2020-04-04 14:30:27
MVA1045Fábio Martins- 391 ft/min LSZH2020-04-08 00:16:25
MVA3349Paulo FerreiraB738- 391 ft/min LSZH2020-04-08 00:18:00
MVA2069Denis PoustovgarA320- 387 ft/min LPPD2020-04-05 23:52:53

 Flight time per pilot this month

Callsign Pilot Total hours
MVA2351Kevin Tomé83 hrs
MVA1023João Guilherme França 58 hrs
MVA1408Silnara Turbinex49 hrs
MVA1045Fábio Martins16 hrs
MVA1061Gustavo Machado13 hrs
MVA1091André Caldeira12 hrs
MVA2069Denis Poustovgar11 hrs
MVA1054Diogo Pereira9 hrs
MVA1414Lucas Castro9 hrs
MVA3349Paulo Ferreira8 hrs

 Total flights this month

Callsign Pilot Total flights this month
MVA1023João Guilherme França 27
MVA2351Kevin Tomé21
MVA1414Lucas Castro16
MVA1045Fábio Martins9
MVA2069Denis Poustovgar8
MVA1061Gustavo Machado7
MVA1091André Caldeira7
MVA3349Paulo Ferreira6
MVA7916Nuno Lima6
MVA1054Diogo Pereira6

 Top 10 routes this month

Airport Departure Airport Arrival # Flights

 Current month statistics

Total hours: 293:57
Flights total 139
Flights Regular 40
Flights Charter 99
% Flights Regular 28.78 %

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